Our company was founded in 2005 to make the Forex market accessible, safe, easy and profitable for you anywhere in the world.

The trademark LiteForex belongs to the company LiteForex Investment Limited, Inc that is registered in the Marshall Islands under the number 63888 and regulated by the Marshall Islands Business Corporation Act. The company’s address: Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MN96960.

Focusing on these purposes, we were the first to create the cent accounts service with initial deposit of 1$ only. Thanks to it, Forex became accessible for hundreds of thousands of clients. This service that had been never provided before changed the history of Forex development.       

Nowadays LiteForex is one of leading brokerage companies uniting traders of different levels from all over the world. LiteForex is on the list of top 100 companies according to World Finance. Our representative offices are opened in many countries. 

We offer our clients one of the easiest, safest and most reliable ways of conducting Forex trading operations. The company’s competent staff is ready to provide assistance to the clients anytime.     

LiteForex’s achievements are widely acknowledged by the world’s brokerage professionals, and the company’s numerous awards only confirm that: “LiteForex - Best Forex Broker Africa”, "LiteForex  - best affiliate program 2010", "LiteForex  - best affiliate program 2011", "LiteForex  - best PAMM service solution provider" according to World Finance, "LiteForex - best foreign exchange retail service provider" according to the magazine European CEO, "LiteForex - the best clients service" according to China International Investment & Financing Expo, "LiteForex - the most stable broker in Asia", "LiteForex - affiliate program innovator" according to ShowFX World – this list can be easily continued. LiteForex’s story is no doubt the story of signal success, innovative business solutions and remarkable steps on the Forex market.  

More than 500 000 successful stories of our clients are behind every celebrated event in the company’s life, every new development stage and every deserved award – join us! 

Principles of LiteForex’s work:

  • Make the Forex market accessible for everyone;

  • Invite the best specialists only;

  • Offer effective solutions for work on the Forex market; 

  • Provide comprehensive support to the clients 

Regardless of the way you choose – become a trader, a partner, or an investor – we’re always ready to provide advantageous cooperation terms. For More Info Please Visit liteforex.com